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Submitted by samba on 19 April 2021

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Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show June 19, 2021

Guests, Ted Trimpa, Peter Boyles and Joy Overbeck

The Greatest Of All Time… Rush Limbaugh passed away today after dominating talk radio for three decades. 710KNUS talk show host Peter Boyles talks with Chuck and Julie about how Limbaugh shaped the industry and conservative politics. Plus Democrat strategist Ted Trimpa on the open feud between Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump.

Headlined Show, The Sports Doctor March 31, 2021

Joe Pinella, Founder & Owner at Healing Movement Systems, a  combination of ancient healing arts Qigong & Tai Chi returns along with Debbie Steinberg, Health & Transformation Coach at Emerging Wings Health. Then, it's 'The Sports Doctor's In' with your questions and emails!

Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show March 26, 2021

After a disastrous and disgraceful first news conference, we predict Pres. Biden will never hold another.  We’ll have reaction on today’s show. 

Plus Rep. Patrick Neville on the latest Dem overreach at the State Capitol and the future of the GOP in Colorado is at stake at this weekend’s state convention.

Headlined Show, SOS March 26, 2021

Healer Karim Hermani joins us on SOS tonight at 8:00 PM PST to share his healing gifts to allow you to reach your highest potential more easily and quicker. His healing codes help with weight loss, clarity, success, intuitive abilities, and bringing your Soul Mate to you with greater ease.

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Nick Cuda CD : After The Storm Songs : After The Storm, Broken Roses, Latin Terrain Jazz
Sasha Talks Guest, Janet Kira Lessin and Dr Sasha Alex Lessin PhD Guest Name, Prakash June 18, 2021 Holotropic Breathwork, the paranormal, possession, near death experiences, entheogenic journeywork, radio personality, whistleblower and interviewer


Sasha Lessin has a Ph.D. and an M.A. in Anthropology (U.C.L.A.) and a Master's in Counseling Psychology (University for Humanistic Studies).
Dr. Lessin is a seasoned facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork, the paranormal, possession, near death experiences, entheogenic journeywork, hypnotherapeutic pastlife regression, spirit releasement, existential analysis, spiritual emergence, and gestalt therapy from a center (Aware Ego--a la Hal and Sidra Stone's Voice Dialogue).  He works Janet Kira Lessin with paranormal experiencers, contactees, abductees, teleportees, and spiritual emergents.   
He holds a 3-Year Holotropic Breathworker Certification, was trained, along with Dr. John Mack, by Dr. Stanislav Grof.  Lessin spent decades training with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone in Voice Dialogue. Dr. Roger Woolger certified Dr. Lessin in Jungian and Pastlife Regression.  Lessin studied Spirit Releasement with William Baldwin. Lessin is a vini-yoga instructor, trained by Gary Kraftsow.  Dr. Irving Katz certified Dr. Lessin in Hypnotherapy.
Dr. Lessin, author of Anunnaki: Gods No More (2012), Legacy of The Gods (2014), Anunnaki False Gods (2015) and Great Relationships was asked by Zecharia Sitchin to make the information on the ancient Anunnaki of Sumer available to the general public.
Dr Lessin taught Transpersonal Psychology, Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Psychosynthesis, at the Professional School for Psychological Studies, The University for Humanistic Studies and Antioch University West,  as well as Anthropology, Comparative Religion, Compartive Political Systems, Psychology and Sex Education at the University of Hawaii, Maui Community College and Leeward College in Hawaii
He was Director of Counseling for the Waikiki Drug Clinic and Dean of the University for Humanistic Studies, Maui.
He is co-host to an internet radio show on Revolution Radio ( ) and Aquarian Radio ( His sites include,, and
Janet Kira Ninmah Lessin, the ultimate radio personality, whistleblower and interviewer writes about alien, contactee reintegration, cult deprogramming, paranormal, pastlife, walk-in, near-death, interdimensional, multidimensional, astronomical, genetic, shamanic, tantric, polyamorous and ancient anthropological phenomena.  She has integrated these fields of study and experience in a highly readable series, Dance of the Souls and has already published the first book of the series, Pierce the Veil.
In Pierce the Veil, Janet brings together all her fields of interest and shares her own direct, upfront and personal experiences with the Anunnaki, Greys, the military working with the ETs as well as her adventures at the base the ETs and our clandestine military hide under Johnston Atoll in the Pacific.  Janet regularly downloads messages from Ninmah, the Anunnaki mother of humanity.
Janet’s book, Anunnaki: Legacy of the Gods, includes many of Ninmah messages from humanity, messages of how to transcend the matrix of hatred that ensnares us and how to create a civilized society that can gain admission to galactic society. Janet cohosts internet radio programs on Revolution Radio and Aquarian Radio.  On her shows she interviews top researchers, whistleblowers and experiencers in UFOs, conspiracy, disclosure, ancient anthropology, science fiction and Anunnaki studies.
She is a student of Zecharia Sitchin, who certified her in Sitchin Studies.  She attends various UFO and Ancient Alien conferences and interviews these conferences outstanding presenters. She has posted and archived nearly 1000 radio shows and articles in ufology, experiencer integration, paranormal experiences and spiritual philosophy on her sites,,, ,,, and

Short Chat Description
Six thousand years ago, the Anunnaki--people 9–12 feet tall who said they lived hundreds of thousands of years--dictated accounts of history to scribes of ancient Sumer (Iraq).  The Anunnaki said they came to Earth 450,000 years ago. 300,000 years ago, they said, they added proto-Bigfoot genes to adapt their genome to Earth to make us, a slave race to mine gold which they rocketed back to Nibiru, their homeplanet, where they would powder the gold to float there as an atmospheric shield.  They decided to let us drown in Noah’s flood of 9703 BCE, but then reconsidered and gave us advanced civilization which they ruled though Noah’s descendants. The Anunnaki genetics team programmed us to supersede their hierarchic, misogynistic society, monarchial dictatorship, and their use of weapons of mass destruction.

A Fireside Chat June 11, 2021
The Sports Doctor Guest, Debbie Steinberg March 31, 2021 Health & Transformation Coach at Emerging Wings Health

Hi, my name is Debbie Steinberg the health coach at Emerging Wings Health. I help empower people on their health journeys toward a total transformation, one healthy habit at a time. I get them started, have regular weekly check-ins, and help connect them to resources that will help along the way. Created by Dr. Wayne Anderson, the program I partner with works for all shapes and sizes. If you want a change in your life, let’s talk.

The Sports Doctor Guest, Joe Pinella March 31, 2021 Founder & Owner at Healing Movement Systems

Instructor Joe Pinella has studied and practiced the ancient Chinese healing arts of Qigong and Tai Chi Kung for over 50 years. As a youngster, he had the unusual opportunity to study in a Chinese Buddhist temple in NYC. At the formal request of a family friend who was a monk, Joe was accepted as a student and taught in the traditional Chinese manner.

Life happened. Joe went on to become a successful businessman. Sometimes he practiced, sometimes not. He did not realize the amazing gift he had been given until later when he was put to the test.
This test came in 1991 when his car plunged 200 feet down a mountainside and he landed on his head. His doctors saved his life. They completely removed two shattered vertebrae and four disks. Every other disc in his spine was ruptured. They inserted metal plates in his neck and told him that he was a quadriplegic.

He ignored the advice of his medical team to “accept his fate and learn to be a disabled person”. Joe turned back to his training in Qigong. These gentle arts use breathing techniques, graceful movements and visualizations to stimulate and enhance the flow of qi (or life force) in the body, which in turn promotes healing and health.

Joe did those exercises in his mind for many months until gradually his body started to respond. Over the course of seven years, he regained full use of his body with no pain and no limitations.

Today he teaches others how to move freely without pain.

Spiritual Emergency Training Guest, Rich Procida March 27, 2021 Author, Attorney

Rich Procida is an attorney and author who writes about Progressive Christianity, social justice, and the supernatural for and He also produces a podcast called "Bible Study for Progressives.'   He is especially adroit at discussing the intersection between religion and politics.


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